CastleMineIn the wonderful and fascinating Minecraft world, there’s a mysterious cave lying underground containing lots of precious treasures. You want to figure out the secret there? Head towards CastleMine to prepare well for this cool journey! Let’s go! Initially, click each block to create a way access to the deep cave underground. After that, please use available gold to purchase some towers, such as Freeze, Lightning, Fire, etc. However, don’t try to place them below the lava. While digging, remember to collect all the scattered items like Gold, Skulls, and Relics. Each of those items has different advantage i.e. upgrade the towers, stop the enemies’ waves, and increase 10% XP. The primary request here is to prevent the enemies from attacking the castle and achieve a large amount of treasures. When facing up to difficulties, don’t miss using Hint to overcome. Have great times, all friends!

How to play

The mouse is to take control of CastleMine.

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