Caved In

Caved In

My Minecraft fans! There is a challenge for you in Caved In. come on and play it to get the task. This time, the main task of players is to save a boy from a dangerous cave. Let’s see how smart you are to bring him out of the deadly cave.

Let’s start descending the cave and meet the boy. While guiding him toward ladders the only exit to escape from that dreadful place. Look! Many obstacles are everywhere. Be cautious! Along the way, try to avoid diving into water so long. Never let the boy fall into lava lakes. In some cases, the water and lava will flow him when you try to make his way through, guys. At that time, use bricks to build walls and stop them. During the game, the players can perform other missions like saving trapped girls and collecting all valuable gems for lots of experience points.

Enjoy Caved In and good luck, guys!

How to play

Move with the arrow keys.
Build walls with Z.

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