Cloud Worlds

Cloud Worlds

Want to live in a sky house or a sky castle, guys? Play Cloud Worlds to build it according to your way. The game brings you cool moments. Let’s explore it now!

In the game, players are free to create anything they love. They have many great places to settle down. They can set up their desired house on clouds in the sky, under water, or from the earth. Wow! That sounds amazing. After that, keep moving around the world to collect wonderful blocks. They are coal, iron, rocks, wood, stones, and more. Next, place them to generate the luxurious house, a garden, a park, a pool, and a farm. Then, decorate the structures beautifully. Finally, make the scene gorgeous and live a happy life!

Play Cloud Worlds and start building your lovely house here!

How to play

Move with ASDW.
Change tools with R.
Build with the mouse.

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