Idle Recruit

Idle RecruitAll Minecraft friends! Want to look for a great mining game? Take a deep breath and enter Idle Recruit – a new mining Minecraft game – to explore cool things there! For a moment, you might surprise at this game as it’s extremely easy to play. The players almost do nothing in there. Are you curious to know about its gameplay? Let’s figure out! The major job is to spend money on recruiting as many employees as possible in order to collect money back. At first, you may be struggled a little bit as you have no idea about the professions’ names they can hire. That’s why you need to use the advantage in there; that’s the Hint! Think carefully to guess the right career. Look at the bottom to find a blank space and write the option in your mind. If you’re correct, you’ll be able to hire workers in that field. Sounds cool, right? Keep playing to unlock more great jobs! Wish you succeed!

How to play

Idle Recruit is mainly played by using the mouse.

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