Killers on Blocks

Killers on Blocks

Do not lose your chance to avail your cool shooting skills and beat all deadly zombies here in Killers on Blocks, guys. This Minecraft shooting game takes you to a very terrible world to start shooting enemies before they attack people. Are you ready for the hunt? Here we go!

Firstly, prepare a powerful gun and bullet. After that, walk around a forest to find the zombies. Remember that these creatures are so cunning. That is why they will hide somewhere attack you while you are careless. Move slowly and look around each corner, tree, and house carefully before going ahead. Never let them jump on your head and eat you. Once detecting any of them, please aim and shoot them exactly. Try to defeat all 40 zombies to complete the hunt soon.

Good luck in Killers on Blocks!

How to play

The mouse is to shoot.
Move with ASWD.

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