Mario Plays Minecraft

Mario Plays MinecraftWow! Mario finally takes a precious chance to visit the Minecraft world! All players, want to be his tour guide? Let’s access to Mario Plays Minecraft to show Mario the beautiful landscapes there! Oh, we soon forgot that he came there to rescue his fiancée – Peach. You should support him to overcome all the risky barriers to step into the evil Creeper’s base successfully. Use the prescribed buttons to direct him how to move and jump over the obstacles, such as rocks, bottomless gaps, dirt blocks, and others. The most important thing is that players should avoid colliding with the stickmen (known as the strongest guards of the base). If Mario touches them, he will die right away. To take the princess back in the soonest time, you must be extremely cautious and skillful to get over tons of creepy creatures like creepers, skeletons, huge spiders, and zombies. Try to let him stay in the Minecraft land as long as possible. Alright, there we go!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move.
Tap spacebar is to jump.

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