Mine Blocks 1.23

Mine Blocks 1.23

Don’t you desire to have a private space in your real life, guys? Let Mine Blocks 1.23 – the next version of 2d Minecraft games in Mine Blocks series – brings you a strange world and helps you create it.

This time, players will visit its Minecraft 2D frame where is designed colorfully. Look! There are many flowers, grass, and trees. Besides, lots of cute animals lurk around you. Why don’t you come and discover it? To build an impressive scene on this land, the first job is to pick up materials. Then, use rocks, stones, and wood to set up a pretty house. Create a garden, a lake to feed ducks, chicken, and fish, and a yard to relax after a hard studying day. Finally, generate lines of the flowers, fruit trees, and lots of wonderful things to change the world landscape. Never hide any cool idea in your mind as you are here, guys.

Play Mine Blocks 1.23 and create your own space!

How to play

The mouse is to build/mine.
Move by the arrow keys.

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