Mine Blocks 1.24

Mine Blocks 1.24

Hey, Minecraft addicts! Get more chances in Mine Blocks 1.24 – another version of 2d Minecraft games to start building whatever you love now. It is certain sure that you feel excited at everything here in its nice world. Come on and do not miss out on exploring it.

This time, players freely travel around the world without worrying about dangers. Look! The landscape is so nice, and there are many lovely pets are moving around you. Wow! Why don’t you hunt and feed them on your farm now? Let’s collect necessary resources like coal, rocks, iron, and so on to set up a house, a garden, and a farm. The players can craft some stuff for their house by using the stones, rocks, or wood. After that, create a long river flowing across the farm to help the animal drink water. Don’t forget to decorate stars on the sky when the night comes or grow more flowers around structures.

Build lots of the structures in Mine Blocks 1.24, guys!

How to play

The mouse is to build.
Move with the arrow keys.

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