Mine Blocks 1.26.5

Mine Blocks 1.26.5All Minecraft designers! Want to express your creativity and imagination in the latest version of the Mine Blocks series? Take your spare time and enter Mine Blocks 1.26.5, guys! In this game, the players will help Steve carry out several tasks to receive huge supports. At first, be swift to open the Task List to know the requirement i.e. mine a wooden block, open the Inventory, etc. Perform those jobs well is the 1st step in preparing for your constructing process. Please guide him to walk around the Minecraft land to start mining blocks. Oh, did you find an ideal place to set up your structure? If yes, lay all the collected blocks out there in a logical and order way. After that, visit the storage to craft a couple of necessary items (weapons and tools). Use those items to enhance Steve’s working ability as well as protect him from dangerous creatures. Get ready to change this land’s appearance? Tap Start and enjoy now!

How to play

Use arrow/WASD keys to guide Steve.
Use mouse to mine.
Hold Shift and mouse to place blocks.

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