Mine Runner Game

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Mine Runner On 2D Minecraft

Steve is stuck in a world of deadly zombies. He needs you to save him. Come and help him. Play Mine Runner – one of the coolest genres of 2d Minecraft games to start bringing him back home soon.

Look! He is being prowled by many zombies. The main task is to guide him through lands and find the exit. To escape from their quest is running forwards as fast as possible. Try to run until there is no enemy behind him. Along the way, if you are smart and agile, let’s use the sword to kill all incoming zombies. Besides, Steve has to avoid terrible obstacles like green walls, blocks, and rocks on the road. Never hit them at any cost, or the rescue is over. Remember to gather all coins on the road to gain more experience points.

Hope you have a great day with Steve in Mine Runner, dears!

Move with ASDW.
The spacebar is to attack.

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