Minecraft 2D

Minecraft 2DThe common aim of all Minecraft games is to stimulate the players’ creativity and imagination. Today, we decided to introduce another cool game from Minecraft collection to the players; that’s, Minecraft 2D! In there, you will take control of a tiny creature. What’s he doing there at this moment? He’s going to set up his own kingdom in the beautiful Minecraft land. The main request is to support him to complete his structure efficiently and quickly. First at all, use TNT blocks to remove the unnecessary blocks to expand the land. Then, guide that creature to take advantage of the current blocks and build any building he likes. It can be a pretty garden, a small house, or a tower. Express your designing capacity by arranging and placing the blocks in the beautiful and orderly way. Players will be provided with 7 trees and lots of basic blocks, such as glass, stone, sand, brick, wood, wooden plank, and TNT. Hurry up to grab this chance and enjoy this game right away!

How to play

Press left/right arrow keys to move.
Tap spacebar to jump.
Hit Z – M keys to select the current blocks.

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