Minecraft: Anvil Spleef

Minecraft: Anvil SpleefLooking for something interesting to kill free time? Don’t hesitate to access to Minecraft: Anil Spleef and have fun moments! What’s the major objective players need to perform there? In this exciting game, you have to direct a little Minecraft man – Steve – to move from place to place. For what? Just to dodge over all the falling anvils from the sky! Those obstacles are surely big and heavy, so Steve will obviously die right away if collapsing with them. You must be careful and cautious to control him and make him survive as long as possible. Bear in mind that the longer you play, the faster the anvil’s speed will be. While guiding him, players should focus on the screen highly to avoid touching with those dangerous things. Can you perform this simple request well? How long Steve will last in this game? 15 minutes, 1 hour, or even a day? Let’s try now to see the final result! Much fun!

How to play

Press left & right arrow keys to instruct Steve to move.

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