Minecraft Craft

Minecraft Craft

Attention! Pack your baggage and go to Minecraft Craft for a brand-new adventure, all game-addicts! What’s fun and special in this Block World? Start the journey now!

Look! A fantastic sightseeing will surely attract you right after setting foot on the playing field. The world here is so peaceful for a picnic, huh? Travel around to see amazing mountains, hills, trees, colorful flowers, etc. At this moment, your journey will begin! Come on! The players can walk freely over any terrain (lakes, rivers, and mound) without being afraid of the monsters. However, you’re asked to be careful with your jumps. Maybe the character here is quite clumsy. He might hurt if jumping too much, bear in mind! Throughout the game, protect the boy from dangerous situations. Oh, in the beginning, he’s arrested in a cage; thus, please bring him out of there first.

Alright, don’t waste time anymore! Wish you have fun times with Minecraft Craft!

How to play

Move with WASD keys.
Interact with the game by availing the mouse.

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