Minecraft Creeper Dancing

Minecraft Creeper Dancing

Love performing a stunning dancing show like professional dancers on a stage, guys? If you have the same passion as a little creeper in Minecraft Creeper Dancing, hurry to make a competition with him now.

As you know, this creeper is so excited to show his beautiful dances with everyone. Look! He is ready on the green dancing floor to wait for his contenders. Why don’t you jump on the arena and start compete with him? The creeper will begin his competition first, and players have to sit on their chair to watch his performances. While enjoying his fantastic shows, please keep an eye on the mouse. Try to avoid moving it out of the green floor, or the show will end. Hope you can take your time to watch him dancing as long as possible.

Enjoy your competition in Minecraft Creeper Dancing!

How to play

The mouse is to control the creeper.

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