Minecraft Item Catcher

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Minecraft Item CatcherSteve is on the way to make his new adventurous journey; suddenly something falls to the ground. Take a careful look; he realizes it’s his favored food. Are you willing to help him catch all the falling stuff? Be swift to land on Minecraft Item Catcher immediately! In this game, players must direct Steve to move his cart from left to right in order to collect the entire items, such as foods, fruits, materials, and more. However, be aware of the falling bombs as they can damage Steve’s health. Now, take a look at 2 bars at the top that are considered as Health and Hunger. Don’t ever let one in two bars fall back to zero, or the game will stop instantly. The longer you handle, the faster the game’s speed will be. Try to catch more items to achieve the best score and compete with other competitors. Alright, enough for explaining! Head towards there now and have a great time!

How to play

Tap AD or left/right arrow keys to control Steve.

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