Minecraft Scene Creator 2

Minecraft Scene Creator 2Hey, all buddies! Want to create or design some fascinating scenes for Minecraft games? Don’t be reluctant to access to Minecraft Scene Creator 2! When jumping into the playing field, you can see lots of Minecraft characters (Steve, creepers, zombies, and skeletons) as well as other stuffs (hammer, pickaxes, torches, hoes, and more) there. What are you planning to do? Use those available things to create a battle between Steve and the enemies, an amazing adventure of Steve, or other amazing action scenes. To have a perfect scene, the designers have to accomplish several tasks successfully. Without hesitation, you just need to drag the items and characters below to the main board, and then, arrange and place them orderly and beautifully. Don’t forget to give your scene a little effect (fireworks, etc.) to make it lively. Have fun!

How to play

This incredible game is enjoyed by the left mouse.

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