Do you want to know why Minecraft fans love MineIT, guys? Play it to explore reasons. This is another kind of Minecraft creative game, but it has its unique point. With many others, players have to pick up each resource one by one, but they can gather 8 same materials in this game.

Now, play the game and move 8 same rocks, stones, wood, or sand to required locations. The players just simply rotate their world, and then the resources will follow directions. Try to push them to the word “Finish” at the end of the path to complete a level. Remember, the path will be tougher and wavier in the next levels. Avoid moving to the incorrect way, or you get stuck, guys. Along the way, let blocks touch diamonds to increase scores. After completing 24 levels, you have enough needful materials for building your own structures.

Enjoy your MineIT!

How to play

Move blocks by AD keys.

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