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Even though you might be busy, don’t miss playing Miner, dudes! A big and mysterious cave full of priceless blocks is waiting for your self-discovery. Go to Minecraft world and start playing now!

Firstly, look at the main screen to learn more about the job you have to do! You will achieve a particular amount of money if you can hire good managers or miners. Keep in mind, these people will work only at the mines you bought. Continue observing the right side! Here is a complete list of mines, such as coal mine, gold mine, diamond mine, and so forth. Obviously, each of them has different prices, so please make a careful decision before purchasing anything. The more mines you possess, the more money will be added to the main budget. Additionally, never spend too much cash on such unnecessary things.

Well, how much money will you own? Set foot to Miner and show us the final answer! Much fun!

How to play

Play the game with the mouse only.

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