Mineral Rush

Mineral Rush

As playing Minecraft mining games, do you learn some skills of how to earn a lot of money? Let Mineral Rush help you. Here we go!

The significant point of the game is to encourage you to stay in its rich cave as long as possible in order to find something available. Look! The cave is full of gems, coal, iron, diamonds, redstones, and gold. Players can use their mouse to click on 3 kinds of rocks appearing on the screen of the game. The more they click on them, the much more money occurs in their bag. During the search, pay attention to a bad guy who appears after every 10 seconds to steal your treasures. Earn $25,000 to eliminate him, guys. After a stage, please stop mining and visit the store to upgrade the pickaxe, speed, and buy health potions to help you dig faster.

Enjoy Mineral Rush and earn a great deal of money, guys!

How to play

Enjoy the game with the mouse only.

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