Ninja Miner 2

Ninja Miner 2

It’s time to enjoy a very new version of Ninja Miner – Ninja Miner 2, all game lovers. What are you looking for from this cool game? Tons of terrific things will be there for you. Hit Start button and savor immediately!

This time, players will travel with a bold ninja in a quest for finding gems. There are 32 levels in total, and they have to overcome all. Of course, there are lots of dangers and obstacles waiting for the ninja. Therefore, the players need to be extremely careful and alert to guide the ninja come in the right way. Try to collect all the gems and stars in each stage to open a door to the next stage. Remember that the stars are the most important key for the ninja to come to new land and explore new things.

After understanding everything in Ninja Miner 2 clearly, follow us and get funny times now!

How to play

Tap arrow keys or WASD or the mouse to control the ninja.

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