Ninja Miner On 2d Minecraft

Ninja Miner On 2d Minecraft

A ninja is trying to break into a dangerous cave to collect all worthy gems. Hurry to give a hand in Ninja Miner On 2d Minecraft right now.

Let’s take a look at the cave, and you will be surprised at its dreadful traps and obstacles. Wow! It’s hard to overcome them, isn’t it? Go and challenge yourself now. Guide the ninja through these dangers to grab all gems. Along the way, steal a pickaxe or an axe to break stone or wooden blocks. Never hit any bad monsters, fall into spikes and, get stuck in some rooms, or the adventure is over. During the game, try to grab gold keys to unlock secret rooms. Be careful while moving ahead when reaching lava pits. After gathering all valuable gems, find the door exit to get out of that cave.

Enjoy Ninja Miner right now!

How to play

Move with arrow keys.

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