Pixel Box

Pixel Box

With no vivid world in Pixel Box, you just create your favorite structures on a big blue frame, but you gain much fun. Let’s play the game to start your job.

Look! The empty frame is in front of you. What should you do to change it into your own space that is full of things you have ever wished? Imagine how your world is in your mind, and then set it up according to your ideas. Maybe, players must create a nice house in the center of the frame first. They can dive it into many rooms like the kitchen, living rooms, bedroom, bathroom, and music room. Combine them with ladders. After that, generate a garden to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t forget to build fences to protect your house. Finally, plant lines of the beautiful flowers and trees along it.

Keep playing Pixel Box to complete your own world, my Minecraft lovers!

How to play

Use the mouse to create everything.

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