Simioscraft Defense

Simioscraft DefenseDon’t be reluctant to travel with us to Minecraft land, all game-addicts! When landing on there, players must be quick to help a little boy protect his base from the creepers’ attacks. Want to find out the truth? Enter Simioscraft Defense and tap Start to begin instantly! This game basically is another kind of tower defense game; that’s why players must recruit defenders and let them fight against the enemies. Accessing to the playing field, can you see a little boy at the bottom? Simply tap on him to produce as many defenders as possible. Then, they will move to the creepers’ location automatically. Your main job is to destroy all the incoming hostiles by clicking on them continuously. Try to let your heroes enter the opposite base successfully to achieve a victory in this game. Bear in mind that the upcoming rounds will be more difficult as the hostiles will approach quickly and strongly. That’s why you have to be careful!

How to play

Use only left mouse to play this interesting game.

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