Skincraft 2

Skincraft 2

Do you know how to make an impressive avatar, guys? Let’s find secrets in the second version – Skincraft 2 right now. Actually, this Minecraft skin editor makes you amazed after finishing your character’s skin.

Look! There are many tools and modes in the editor. Firstly, visit the New Skin mode to start choosing your favorite character’s structure. He can be a white block, a robot, or a Minecraft guy. After that, guide him to Pre-made or Custom mode. The Pre-mode is suitable for anyone who is lazy to think of new ideas. Their simple task is to pick different parts of the body and sort them into a pretty avatar. But, the whole body is just red. With Custom mode, they can choose colors they love and then use the colored pencil to paint the characters’ skin. Possibly, they can combine both of them while creating their avatar.

Play Skincraft 2 and show us your coolest avatar, guys!

How to play

Play the editor with the mouse only.

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