SkincraftHave you ever been curious about the way people create Minecraft characters? Don’t miss a huge opportunity to explore it, all players! Let’s travel with us to Skincraft immediately! While enjoying other Minecraft games, you may find that our main character has a simple skin (purple pants and light-blue t-shirt). In this interesting game, all of you will take this chance to design a new appearance for Steve. Can’t wait any longer, right? Time to work, people! Before playing, please pick one mode between 2 primary options – Custom and Pre-made. If you choose the 1st one (Custom), the game will offer a free design environment that helps express your creating capacity through all the awesome and fascinating designs. For players selecting Pre-made, they just need to enter the Inventory to take out the available parts, and then, design each of those parts to complete the whole skin. Get ready to play? Go now!

How to play

The main key to have fun with this game is the mouse.

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