Speed Miner 2

Speed Miner 2

Finally, for people yearning to enjoy the next update of the Speed Miner, feel free to savor Speed Miner 2 immediately. Let’s check how fast you can run in this 2nd installment!

Once landing on the main screen, players must help a young miner escape from a deadly cave and collect all the precious gems. However, you only have 90 seconds to accomplish everything, so try hard to complete the mission before the time runs out. Look! This place now is covered by full of colorful blocks. Grab a pickaxe and click on each block to destroy it and make the way through. Just follow the instructions to press the prescribed keys on the keyboard correctly. Remove more blocks to achieve more points for the scoring board. Pick up as many TNT blocks as possible to explode everything.

Do best to sneak out the cave before the time reaches 0, guys. Enjoy Speed Miner 2!

How to play

Destroy blocks with the arrows.
Activate TNT blocks with Shift.

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