Speed Miner 2d Minecraft

Speed Miner 2d Minecraft

Have free time? Let’s enjoy Speed Miner – 2d Minecraft (the initial edition of the Speed Miner series) with us to experience cool things there! Are you truly an agile person?

Time to prove your capacity to us! Through this game, the players must assist a miner in discovering a large cave. Once he finishes, just help him out. But, the real challenge is – you need to beat the limited time to achieve the final win. Guess what? You have only 90s to explore this dark place as well as accomplishing the task. Oh, no! The clock is ticking, so let’s begin the journey! Entering inside the cave, players must collect gems and other valuables. Remember to break all unnecessary blocks to score more points. Before running out of time, you should remove the blocks from the screen clearly. Along the way, pick up TNT blocks to explode many blocks.

Can you set the highest score here? More enjoyable moments with Speed Miner!

How to play

Arrow keys: Destroy blocks.
Shift key: Activate TNT blocks.

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