Speed Miner 3

Speed Miner 3

Hey, guys! Do you love fast-paced strategy game? Here is a great occasion to dip self in Speed Miner 3 – a cool mining game! Join now to have the experience of the most fantastic adventure.

In this 3rd installment, the players should aid a miner in escaping from a dark cave. Only 60 seconds! Yes, you must finish the task within this duration. So, no time for a long decision, players! Let’s take action and see how great you are! Control the character and asked him to mine gems for obtaining more money. Avail a pickaxe and press the prescribed keys to remove blocks from the board. Keep going deeper to achieve rare and valuable gems. Never make silly mistakes; otherwise, the game will end immediately. During the journey, don’t even think about skipping TNT blocks. Why? Unlike other games, the dynamite here can help you explode everything.

Understand the gameplay? Be fully-prepared? Wear shoes and run to Speed Miner 3!

How to play

Move: The mouse.
Destroy blocks: Arrows.
Explode TNT: Shift key.

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