SteveRunHow dangerous it is! Steve is chased by a giant monster, guys! Are you willing to help him? Be hurried to step to SteveRun and help him escape from that dangerous situation. Can you accomplish this mission successfully? Tap Start button to begin the adventure with Steve! The players’ major job is to guide our boy to get over a dark forest safely. However, don’t underestimate it as this game is quite hard in controlling. Players might find it difficult to direct Steve to jump over various barriers, such as stones, bricks, rocks and many others. Whenever he touches or collides with anything, the game will automatically stop. Keep in mind that the longer you play, the harder and faster the game’s speed will be. Always be careful and cautious when guiding him to avoid causing any miserable situation. Try to let him run far away from forest as well as the monster to get back to his shelter safely. Good luck to you, guys!

How to play

Use only the mouse to guide Steve.

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