The Minecraft Quiz 1

The Minecraft Quiz 1

The most important Minecraft Quiz version is The Minecraft Quiz 1. This is best one for you to get to know more about Minecraft. It summarizes all Minecraft basis and details in each of its games to challenge you to its hard questions. Until now, there is no one beating it? Do you want to become the first player to win it? Here we go!

The game sets up many checkpoints after every 10 questions. Players have to be careful with each question which includes 3 possible answers. To make sure that they can reply to them correctly, they should consider every choice intently. Never make any mistake while playing this version. Once giving an incorrect answer, all is over, and the players have to go back to the last checkpoint and keep answering the previous questions once again.

Beat The Minecraft Quiz 1 in 4 minutes, guys!

How to play

Enjoy the game with the mouse.

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