The Minecraft Quiz 3

The Minecraft Quiz 3There comes another occasion to check your knowledge, as well as understanding about Minecraft world. Are you confident enough to take on this challenge? Try playing to see the final result, ok? Let’s set foot to The Minecraft Quiz 3, all Minecraft fans! To achieve a win, the players have to overcome 30 main queries and 3 bonus questions. Answer all correctly with the highest score, you will attain the ‘Most Brilliant Player’ title. Before starting picking the right option, players need to read the question carefully. For each normal question, you can earn 1 point if getting the accurate selection. In the opposite case, you will achieve 1 point when re-answering successfully. But if you skip to moving to the next stage, there’s no reward at all. Now, understand the gameplay? In case you get over 10 queries perfectly, the game will provide a bonus quiz that’s worth 5 points. Try to enhance the score by giving the right option for all the 3 bonus queries. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to do everything in this game.

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