Wall Defender

Wall Defender

Hey, guys! No one else except you can save Minecraft residents from the darkness. Let’s play Wall Defender to help them. Definitely, you have perfect plans to beat all enemies off when putting your feet in Minecraft world.

Look! You can go to the gate of the world and stop them reaching the castle and houses. If you can destroy these deadly zombies, you are the hero. Be smart to fight them off now. In the game, players can face with enemies alone or call for the support of their friends in 2-player mode. The more zombies are destroyed, the safer the world is. Never allow them to touch you, or your 5 lives will be gradually lost. Besides, the players must avoid their attacks to limit risky things. Try your best to expel them from the Minecraft world soon, guys!

Be wise to defeat all zombies in Wall Defender!

How to play

Move with AD, left, and right keys.
Attack with WS, down, up keys.

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