Whack A Craft

Whack A Craft

Don’t mind challenging your shooting skill in Whack A Craft, all Minecraft guys! Shoot down everything on the screen to become the excellent shooter in the Minecraft world now!

Do you see a large yard in front of eyes? What are you waiting? Well, the main objective is to shoot down all the things appearing from there. Look! Each thing as creepers, blocks, etc. will pop up from the 16 holes of the yard. At this time, players need to be alert and quick to shoot everything accurately. Owing to that, they can get some necessary items. Especially, when having a certain number of blocks, don’t mind crafting it into useful tools to knock down the creepers in the soonest time.

Whoa! Lots of things to do in Whack A Craft? Believe that you can overcome well? Play and display your best talent!

How to play

Click on the mouse to aim and shoot.

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