World Craft

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World Craft

If you go to a world having nothing for you to create your own space, what would you do? Let World Craft answer that. Playing this game, players have no block, no inventory, and no crafting to build nice structures like other Minecraft creative games.

That is their difficulty. Hurry up to find out what you should do. Its 3D world just is a forest full of grass and trees. Their only choice is to use their pickaxe and click on the ground to create some caves. If they are clever, they can build nice constructions up by destroying the blocks on or under the ground. Let’s go and check how you can be imaginary as trying to generate your own space here. Don’t forget to set the structures up under the trees, on the mountains, or from the earth. With your skillful hands and your creativeness, you can do everything even you are in the hell.

Have fun with World Craft, guys!

How to play

Move with ASDW keys.
The mouse is to break.

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